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Digital Marketing Agency

100% Performance

We conduct significant and long-lasting tactics via SEA/SEO campaigns and optimized social networks to maximize lead acquisition and, consequently, your business's growth.

What VEZOA Offers

We Improve Your Overall Visibility For You

SEO Referencing

A complete SEO solution, from a thorough website audit, to onpage/offpage optimisation and beyond.

Dashboard SEO
We Optimize Your Ads For You

Ad Campaigns

A configuration of Google ad campaigns and social networks (Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.) structured and adjusted to generate sales with an optimized cost per acquisition.

We Generate Quality Leads For You

Lead Generation

With the use of PPC, social media, emailing & SEO campaigns, with the possibility of obtaining leads on demand.

What you get:

Online Presence

A better online presence on search engines

Increase Traffic

Generate relevant traffic who convert on your website


Maximizing profits from generated leads

Quality Leads

Quality leads “à la carte”, pre-selected by us

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Our Automated Solution Tool For Seamless Tracking Performance

Crenas automate all the main tracking metrics according to your KPIs, to create reports and to identify all the objectives and key results to optimize any of your marketing campaigns on a long and short run.

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The VEZOA team will evaluate any request or demand that requires experienced hands-on work.

Digital marketing and software engineering are not our only areas of competence; we can also assist you with any business problematics you may be experiencing.

Please feel free to include any information considered relevant for our staff to assist you as quickly as possible.

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    Adaptive Growth for Your Business!

    We believe that digital can contribute to the exponential growth of businesses.

    From classic marketing to software engineering, we put everything at our disposal to contribute and measure up to the challenge, regardless of the industries our clients operate in.

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